If I had the guts and the means to circumvent the United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning and make copies of Daniel, I would.
— Richard Morgan

Happy Clients


Coming from PWC and having a QuantFin background , I knew the type of work ethic I had in Daniel, what I didn't know was how FAST he would digest my trainings and implement them into his own day to day process…He has shown endless PASSION and DEDICATION to being the best employee possible since the day he started. If I could clone a rep to have over and over again on the floor, it would most certainly be Daniel.

— Adam Buttaro, WIX.com

Daniel is one of the most dynamic people I've had the pleasure to work with. Any time an accountant can achieve top sales rep status, it's something special, and that's Daniel. He brings an amazing blend of salesmanship and data evaluation to the table. And he manages a team with the same approach. He has built a loyal following of employees based on his unquestionable commitment to making his team succeed. Daniel also challenges the status quo outside his team to make process, product and marketing better.

— Beau Brooks, Formstack


Daniel is one of the hardest working professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. He comes in to work day in and day out with a can-do attitude that is simply infectious. The one attribute that stands out to me most, is Daniel's ability to multi-task. Not only did Daniel come in and exceed his daily KPI's and performance metrics, but he significantly affected change amongst those around him. He works everyday to not only make himself better, but to better those around him. His passion, energy and selfless attitude have made him indispensable.

— Cesar Sassoon, Maxxima LED LIghting

I oversaw Daniel as a senior IC and during his maturation into senior sales leader. Without a doubt, his impeccable organizational skills are the centerpiece of his skillset banquet, but his unwavering commitment to whatever goal he (or an organization) sets in front of him is the main course. Give it to Daniel, and it'll get taken care of. His dad jokes are A+, if that's what you're into (I'm not), but I will certainly miss having him on my team, and hope to work with him again in the future.

— Richard Morgan, Signpost