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>1 | Focus Isn't Sexy

When I’ve charted the day to day grind of something I want to earn, build, or do and try to execute I’ve rarely lasted more than a few months.

That’s hard to admit.

Think about yourself. Wasn’t this the year you were finally going to run that marathon? Start that business? Write that book? Teach yourself to code? Get past, “Quiero un burrito, por favor!”

The Feed #11 — The Future Of Work

Many of you have heard of Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media Group. They organize events, publish books, and have been a de facto leader in the tech space for decades. Tim is discussing a topic right now that plays in to our interest in the future of finance, cultural trends, and our society — namely the future of work.

The Feed #2 — Finance Without The Ego

[This article originally appeared in the email blog The Fintech Feed.]

Welcome to the new format and the second (long overdue) issue of the FinTech Feed!

Actually, before we get into the Feed, a quick word about the new format. The feedback from the last issue was that there was a lot of helpful and actionable steps and some people have begun to get a handle on their finances, with some folks beginning to save and invest for the first time! This is AWESOME! However, some people found the advice and products overwhelming.