Yoga, Terrorism, and Productivity

Yoga, Terrorism, and Productivity

Hi, everyone.

First, the elephant in the room. The world lost many innocent people to the cowardly ignorance of myth and the unknown this past week in Brussels and Baghdad and now Pakistan. So do your part. Have the tough conversations, give love when it costs you, and remember that the grave will supply plenty of time for silence.

Sorry for the somber note but it needs to be said.

Now, some obvious introductions. Many of you initially subscribed to the FinTech Feed. The last issue, while many months ago, stated that the Feed would be evolving. This is its evolution. Greater Than One is my attempt at finding a relevant, personalized amalgamation of ideas, tools, and predictions that I can give to those who will listen. 

The farther we progress as a species the more cross pollination we find between ideas and industries. To focus on fintech would deny us the ability to learn from other sources. There will be regular updates made to my blog but as a Subscriber you get them in your inbox several days before the rest of the world. For now, some updates on the last 3 months of work.


I’ve painstakingly added all past posts to my website, here. Some of you may remember one of my most read posts ever from the beginning of the year, “You’re not stuck”. In that post I mentioned that one of three goals for this semester was officially launching my company. Some of you may have seen already but for everyone else…


Meet Cabra Yoga

This has been a tremendous amount of work to build and, with the exception of the invaluable help of a dear friend, I’ve built everything myself. I’d love your honest opinion and it’d mean the world to me if you’d share if with a friend. We’re trying to build it right; free shipping, giving to charity: water with each purchase, that sorta thing. 

For those who see this and immediately think, “Why yoga?” I wrote a post specifically to address that question on the company’s blog, here.

I’ll be writing an in-depth post on exactly how I went about building a clothing line from scratch, some of the hard choices I made about product quality and margins, and the tools that were invaluable in getting the site and brand to look the way it does. Look for that in a future issue.


I am constantly adding new tools to my repertoire. In my life, the only thing sacred is efficiency. Because I spend a tremendous amount of time on my Macbook Pro, anything that can help me save a few seconds is huge. It’s one of the reasons I taught myself to type using a Colemak keyboard layout (yes, my keyboard keys type different letters than what they are labeled as) and have my trackpad sensitivity as high as it can go. 

I’ll be doing an in-depth Gmail Productivity Issue but this week we’re focusing on Mac Menu Bar Apps

This list is a great one. I’ve been using f.lux since 2013 and it recently got copied as a native feature of iOS. I use BetterTouchTool instead of the window snapping tools they list as I like the added functionality of pairing a mouse with hot keys. And for background noise, skip Noizio and download Coffitivity. It exists only in the menu bar so you don’t have to jump around an icon when using ⌘+Tab to jump between programs.

Reading Recommendations

I read a lot of articles throughout the week on a range of topics. Two that stood out this past week are about the demographic trends surrounding terrorism:

Victims Of Terrorist Attacks In Western Europe | Statista
This chart shows the number of persons killed by terrorist attacks 1970-12015 in Western Europe

and advances in artificial intelligence:

The Sadness and Beauty of Watching Google’s AI Play Go | WIRED
At first, the Go champion thought the move was rather odd. Then he saw it was beautiful.

I've also been reading a great many books thanks to a Kindle I got during CyberMonday sales. Happy to provide book recommendations of people want them as well.

For Laughs

“What debugging code is like.” - @randal_olson


Also, for all my Python lovers this is pretty exciting (Python 3 will be better supported than Python 2 in three months).

Stay curious. Stay brave.

That’s it for now. There’s an obnoxious amount of change coming soon that I’ll be recording here for…whoever reads this. Hi, grandkids.

QOTW - What has been the most epic moment of your life? Let me know on @twitter or in the comments below.


>1 | Frameworks

>1 | Frameworks

“You’re not stuck.”

“You’re not stuck.”