The Feed #12 — An Evolution

[This article originally appeared in the email blog The Fintech Feed.]

Feedsters, it’s been a few weeks since our last Feed. The new job is in full swing, a new Star Wars trailer was released, and the Feed has begun to evolve.

The Clouds

I’ve taken this time to introspectively look at what really matters to me and what I can consistently provide over the long haul — remembering that 1>0 and the joy of writing trumps how many read.

The Feed is changing. Clouds and Dirt will likely remain but the content of the feed will be changing keys. In the end, I’ve been writing about fintech because it’s impressive and not because I feel personally passionate about it — at least compared to some other things. There are a few very personal reasons for this but that deserves it’s own post (due out soon). For now, thanks for reading.

The Dirt

This concluded the migration of all email blog posts to Medium and now to my personal site where future issues will originate for the foreseeable future.

Short and simple this time. Be on the lookout for a coming post about the evolution of the Feed. We have one last month left in 2015!

#QOTD - What last goal are you going to double down on before 2016 is here?

Stay curious. Stay brave.