The Feed #11 — The Future Of Work

The Feed #11 — The Future Of Work

[This article originally appeared in the email blog The Fintech Feed.]

Feedsters — Man this week flew by! I ran 18 miles this weekend, have been starting the day before 5 AM each day, started a new job, cleaned my whole (and I mean my WHOLE) apartment, and am jazzed to see what October brings!

This week is a little different as this is officially our second quarter and the start of the 4 month of this weekly blog! I can’t thank you enough for reading!

Now, let’s get into the feeeeeeeeed!

The Clouds

Many of you have heard of Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media Group. They organize events, publish books, and have been a de facto leader in the tech space for decades. Tim is discussing a topic right now that plays in to our interest in the future of finance, cultural trends, and our society — namely the future of work.

I highly encourage you check out this piece by him on Medium. It’s unbelievably thought provoking and to try and summarize it here would be a disservice.

The Dirt

I’ve had a lot of interest from Feedsters in the digital tools I use every day (whether fintech related or just cool). The one that I rely on the most, and the one that I immediately set up on the work computer at my new job, is a Google Chrome Plugin called Momentum.

If you’re not using Google Chrome, or have no clue what it is, it’s a browser put out by Google that is wicked fast, customizable, runs each tab as a secure window, and is all around awesome. Also, how are you even getting anything done!?!

I first discovered the Momentum plugin from my friend Akshay in grad school. Why is it awesome?

This app keeps me so focused throughout the day it’s insane! Each time I open a new tab (which is often!) I don’t have a listing of my most visited sites to distract me. Instead, I have this:

Look at how beautiful that is!

I have it set to give me a new background image (all equally gorgeous) every 12 hours. The time is displayed, I get an inspirational quote, the local weather, and my main focus for right then — as well as where the picture shows (represent, Dubai!). There's also a builtin To-Do list function.

Now granted, you may be stuck with a firmware version of Google Chrome that doesn’t prioritize efficiency (or, heaven forbid, Internet Explorer) but if you’ve got good old fashioned Chrome, Momentum is great. Seriously, use this all the time.

#QOTW — If you could learn ANYTHING what would it be?

Stay curious. Stay brave.

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