The Feed #10 — Fintech’s Holy Sh*t Moment

The Feed #10 — Fintech’s Holy Sh*t Moment

[This article originally appeared in the email blog The Fintech Feed.]

Feedsters, wow, what a week! Since the last blog I’ve finished a fifth prototype of a hardware product, written an intense article on fintech, run nearly 50 km, accepted a new job, planned two trips, explored Brooklyn, built a webpage, and gorged on a glorious cheat day! Here’s to living at full speed!

Now, let’s get into the feed…

Okay, first I had to share this tweet with you all. I was laughing way too hard when I saw this yesterday so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Now, let’s get into the feed…

The Clouds

We’ve had several people join recently so I wanted to answer an obvious question.

Why Fintech?

And I don’t mean, “Daniel, why do you write a weekly email blog about Fintech?

I mean, why is Fintech — this space that combines rebellious bravado against Wall St. and the “October Sky” chops of scrappy building — even a thing? And why didn’t we see it sooner?

I thought long and hard about this over the past several weeks, did some research, organized my thoughts, and tried to answer why Fintech could only happen now. If you’ve just recently subscribed, but especially if you’re a long-time feedster, it would mean a lot if you took 5 minutes to read it. Just follow the link in the picture above.

The Dirt

In last week’s feed I had said some very exciting and relevant news had dropped. Well, go figure, it involves Stripe.

You all remember Stripe. We talked about them in one of the most read blogs, here. Every move they make as a company seems to be the right one and their latest is no exception.

That’s a tweet from Chris Sacca, arguably one of the top 5 most successful angel investors of all time and also an incredible human being (read: not a douchebag). So what’s the “new stuff”?

Introducing Relay

An API (Application Programming Interface) helps programs talk to each other (like how your Facebook login can be used to signup for other stuff on the Internet). But Relay is a game-changer. I’ve written before about how Stripe’s secret sauce is in their simplicity. Relay allows companies to build a complete e-commerce system in a multitude of locations around the web with the same experience. This highlights three thing I know for sure:

  • Business only cares about where the eyeballs and ears of the market are (from newspapers to Snapchat)
  • Everything is selling
  • Now anywhere can be a store

Case in point…

Minimal steps for the consumer, a highly converting experience, insane adaptability, and prolific application. Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the Internet. If this isn’t a holy sh*t moment in that mission and the fintech space, I don’t know what is.

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Stay curious. Stay brave.

Why Fintech could only happen now.

Why Fintech could only happen now.

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