How to bring Consistency to Sales

This is the Legit Big Dog. The All Star rep. The President’s Club member. The 130% to quota every month type of Rep. They know it’s a numbers game but they also know that every call is with a human. They don’t carry buckets and they don’t attach firehoses. They build a pipeline from the dam to their field and irrigate the land every day.

They respect the dam process.

The S@*% Word

Under Adam’s training I learned the operations side of sales. How to listen for the real “why”. How to handle objections. How to negotiate price. How to use silence on a close. It was first rate training and far more applicable than anything I’d learned at PwC.

But Adam isn’t the best salesman I know. That title belongs to Grampy; my dad’s dad.

The Decision

“I hate this.”

It’s 5:30 AM and I haven’t slept since the night before last. I stare into the mirror of my Evansville, IN hotel room as what must be my 47th cup of coffee brews nearby.

>1 | Focus Isn't Sexy

When I’ve charted the day to day grind of something I want to earn, build, or do and try to execute I’ve rarely lasted more than a few months.

That’s hard to admit.

Think about yourself. Wasn’t this the year you were finally going to run that marathon? Start that business? Write that book? Teach yourself to code? Get past, “Quiero un burrito, por favor!”

>1 | Frameworks

Those whom know me, whom seek me for council, whom hear the result of my internal processing, know my love of frameworks. The Scientific Method. The 4 Humors. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Pareto Principle. The GTD Method.

But not all frameworks are created equal.